BAM Presents the Harvey Fund

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is pleased to announce the Harvey Fund, a charitable fund aimed at remembering the life of Harvey Lichtenstein, the man behind BAM’s revitalization. The funds donated will ensure the continuation of the daring contemporary work that flourishes at the institution.

Lichtenstein passed away in February of 2017. He served as the President and Executive Producer of BAM for 32 years and sought out to bring a dying theatre back to life through his work of gathering talent from all over the world to perform at BAM. Many say that without Harvey, there would be no Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music was founded in 1861 and is hailed as the country’s oldest continuously operating performing arts center. BAM is now recognized around the world as a progressive cultural center. Annually, more than 775,000 people attend performances and festivals that take place at BAM throughout the year. Performances range from film and theatre to poetry recitations and dance performances.

Starting as a dancer in the 1950’s, Lichtenstein went on to become subscriptions manager for the New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera. He joined BAM in 1967 and continued his work until his retirement in 1999. Throughout his campaign as President, he revitalized the program from renovating the building itself to the range of performances. He oversaw the creation of the Next Wave Festival in 1983, which to this day is noted as creating a cultural landscape for BAM.

Harvey is most notably known for finding artists such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Alice in Chains, Peter Brook and Pina Bausch.

Upon his retirement in 1999, Lichtenstein was awarded for his hard ground-breaking work by having the BAM theatre named after him. He was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Bill Clinton, and the Handel Medallion, New York City’s highest award for achievement in the arts.

After his retirement, Lichtenstein did anything but fully retire. He served as BAM’s Local Development Corporation with his plans to revive the neighborhood of Fort Greene. His dream of reviving the neighborhood has been realized as the construction of the Mark Morris Dance Center, Theatre for a New Audience’s Polonsky Shakespeare Center and the BAM Fisher Building have all been built under his direction. Fort Greene is recognized as a vibrant, established arts destination.

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