Classical Music Responding to Culture

Music, like all other art forms, is an expression of the society in which it was created. The urge to make music is organic, mysterious and at the same time, dependable. Music simply occurs. Mothers hum to their babies or sing sweet lullabies and one reason we love birds so much is because they sing to us.

Music is a language and all living creatures actually speak to each other one way or another, clearly humans have the most capacity to express ourselves in complex ways. The oldest instrument, ever discovered was fashioned over 67,000 years ago and is a flute carved out of bone. I can’t help but be amazed at the thought that someone, long, long ago was compelled to create an object that would simply make beautiful sounds. Why did they do it, and then again, of course, because they had to!

Classical Music originated in Western society and encompasses early liturgical music through the Classical Period and onward to contemporary classical music which includes Gershwin and Jazz, all of which reflects the cultural norms and attitudes of social identity.

Music from the Renaissance moved away from the strictly religious, becoming secular and innovative to reflect original concepts about the universe and our place within it.

During the Baroque Period, a new musical system was invented, developing major and minor keys. Socially, the world was discovering science and exploring creative endeavor and expression. With the progression of time, each period produces music that synthesizes the inner and outer reach of humans trying to explain ourselves.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a court musician and composer and his music was influenced by a concept of order and elegance that reflected the ideals of kings who aspired to a sort of celestial perfection.

In the Romantic period, from the late 19th till early 20th century, music became emotional, more personal and as all creative developments, made a point of breaking with tradition and inventing new methods of expression.

Modern Classical music is inventive and original, breaking all previous norms, and reflecting the way in which humans strive and do, express ourselves creatively.