New Year, New Dance Studio

A Place For Movement: New Dance Studio Openings
The world of dance is a fascinating blend of creative minds striving to create artful movements with their bodies as the tools and the music as the canvas. The mind of every motion artist is fueled by the intense focus from the inner athlete to move swifter, jump higher, become stronger, and descend slower. It’s the meeting of these two totally different parts of the mind that form the mind of a dancer. Because of the combination of these unique elements, traditional paint studios and gyms can never truly satisfy the needs of a dancer and so the dance studio was born. Dance studios are specifically designed to sharpen the physical and mental abilities each individual dance requires and are an absolute necessity for any movement art form.

Dancing, because of its requirement for focus and attention to detail creates a hardened artist whose confidence flourishes with every technique learned. Dancing is a great way to help children and adults alike build confidence within themselves to help them face everyday life. A dance studio is a place of learning where people of all ages can come to learn new skills and because of the increasing popularity of dance programs on television, more are opening up every day. Here are two new dance studios that have opened their doors this year.

Illusion Dance Company
Located in Great Falls, Montana, Illusion Dance Company is a new company started by the young Megan Gray at just 23 years old. With a passion for dance and teaching it to others, Gray taught dance at a previous studio for many years. With the closing of a local video shop, Gray saw the potential of the space to transform it into her dream studio where she can pass her knowledge onto the next generation. Illusion Dance Company is located at the address: 11 Division Rd #7, Great Falls, MT 59404

Urban Dance Productions
Ben Madrigal, the creative director of Urban Dance Productions began dancing at age seven. Initially resisting the classes, Ben soon found himself pulled into the world of dance. His change of heart towards dancing made him realize that lack of males in the field and offers free dance classes for boys for an extended period of time. Urban Dance Productions can be found at the address: 2423 Coon Rapids Blvd., Suite B.

Dance is a great confidence builder and wonderful self-expression tool. Sign up today!