Paris Opéra Ballet Star Yvette Chauviré, Dies at 99

Having published two separate autobiographies in her life including Je Suis Ballerine and later Yvette Chauviré – Autobiographie, Yvette Chauvire has always been an extremely talented dancer who was many times favored by Serge Lifar, the choreographer of The Paris Ballet where she made her first en pointe steps into her phenomenally impressive career as a fantastical ballerina who not only took the stage, but demanded it.

Born on the 22nd of April back in the year 1917, Yvette took quickly to both the artistry and athleticism of ballet when she joined in on the Paris Opera Ballet at the age of thirteen after showcasing an extravagant performance in the L’Eventail de Jeanne at the age of twelve. Accepting the invitation that the Paris Opera Ballet extended to her at the extremely young age of thirteen after having seen the young Yvette in her element, she was soon the favorite dancer of many teachers and peers.

Moving up in her skill at an exceptional speed, Yvette Adrienne Chauvire soon became an outstanding principal dancer in the year 1937, before later on accomplishing the greatest feat in the ballet world of becoming an étoile not long after in 1941.
Studying with some of the best choreographers of her time including Victor Gsovsky and Boris Kniaseff, she has always been a fireball of incredible skill, bringing a sensational level of vibrancy and life to each and every single performance up until her heartbreaking death in OYvette Chauviréctober 19th of 2016 at the ripe old age of 99.

Leaving millions of loyal fans to cry and mourn in her absence, Yvette Chauvire changed the lives of countless people with her beautiful dancing. Described fondly as a “legend” by her common dance partner Rudolf Nureyev, Yvette has always shown tremendous attitude and ability and has managed to inspire perhaps billions of aspiring dancers through out her entirely vivacious career.

Today she rests peacefully after having engaged in one of the most exceptional ballet careers of the 20th century that has ever been documented. Yvette Chauvire remains a highly esteemed individual in the world of dance and will forever in her wake leave people of all backgrounds and ages who love the baller fondly remembering all which she has done to bring life and spirit into every flick and flare of the wonderful artistry and athleticism that makes up the soul of an incredible prima ballerina.